Camping On The Oregon Coast

I was never much for camping until I started camping in Oregon. Specifically camping on the Oregon coast. It has the perfect blend of beach and green trees. There are many popular camp spots, but I have only tried a couple of these spots. There are many that I would love to camp at and maybe I will get to all of them. Here are a few that are popular and picturesque.

Florence, Oregon is a popular coastal town, especially if you like the Dunes. I’m not much for riding Atvs, but I do love horses. Riding horses on the beach is a dream of mine that I intend to achieve. There is a trail where you can ride horses on the beach in Florence. I have heard it is a lot of fun. There is also a state park with one of my favorite trails, lighthouses and beach access. It is the Heceta Head State Park. The closest camp spot to all of these lovely attractions is Honeyman campground. There is no beach access which is a bummer for me. However it is close to the Dunes and tourist attractions. You can camp or rent a yurt. For some reason the yurt prices here are higher than other campgrounds so you may just want to grab a camp spot. There is a lovely river called the Siuslaw River. Many people fish, kayak and enjoy the scenic view.

A place that I visit, but have not yet camped at is Lake Marie. These is a beautiful river located outside of Reedsport. This is a small town on the Oregon coast that is close to Dunes and Winchester Bay. There is a lighthouse, scenic view point and a trail around the lake that I love to walk on. There are beautiful trees and flowers. Unfortunately since it is a small area there are not many camp spots which means if you get a spot you are lucky. I love the view of the river and mountains. Many people fish, kayak and study the various plants around the river. The trail has many of the plants named so it is also educational.

My favorite place to camp is on Beverly Beach in Newport, Oregon. My family has a yearly camping tradition of camping at this campground in the summer. It is bigger than some of the other camp spots but it fills up fast. This is a great beach to beachcomb and look for seashells. It is picturesque for taking landscape photos which I love to do. It is close to the Bay, shopping, Yaquina Head Lighthouse and other tourists attractions. I mostly love that is is right by the beach and such a picturesque place to visit.

Elk Viewing Dean Creek

When I travel to the Oregon coast through hwy 101 the first coastal city I come to is Reedsport. Before I reach Reedsport there is a place to stop and view wildlife, specifically elk. This place is called Dean Creek. The past couple of times I have came to this spot the elk were hiding. However, a week ago when I traveled to the coast and back I found there were many elk all over this viewing area. It is a protected area now, but it wasn’t always this way.

In the 1930s a highway was built which made it hard for the elk to get to the Umpqua area. There were farms around the Dean Creek. This is where the elk decided to stay. Sometimes the elk were killed and used for food. However, this was only done if necessary and all of the elk was used. The natives often used elk meat for stews. They used the elk hide and skin to make blankets, shoes, clothing and spiritual ceremonial clothing.

One of the most interesting facts I discovered about the elk was how little they sleep. I expected such a big animal to need a lot of sleep. However, elk only sleep about 2 1/2 to 4 hours a day! That’s less than I sleep! Elk also swim and can jump fences up to 8 feet. This helps them to escape falling trees.

Most elk live about 10-15 years. Some live 20 years. It only takes about 3-5 months for an elk to grow a complete set of antlers. The elk at the Dean Creek viewpoint are known as Roosevelt Elk.  Dean Creek Elk Viewing is a nice detour on a trip to the Oregon coast.