Devils Lake

Last summer I decided to learn to kayak. I had only tried to kayak once when I was much younger in California. I decided that I wanted to try a sport that I would enjoy. I bought an inflatable kayak which worked great. It’s a good thing I had my kayak buddy or I would not have got that kayak in the water or been able to get around the lake. Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon is the first placed I tried my kayak.

I love the scenery around Devils Lake. The mountains are so beautiful and so are the green trees. There is a place to picnic and many nice places for pictures. It was rainy the first time I went but it cleared up fast. I went in the morning so I could get my kayak in the lake before more people came. After about an hour I took a lunch break. It was a fun experience. I got a little tired of rowing so I tried to take a break. I couldn’t do that much because there was the coastal breeze which sent me towards the shore. I really did enjoy the experience and plan to visit again in the summer.

Lincoln City Beach

Last summer I decided I wanted to visit somewhere new for my birthday. I decided to visit Lincoln City. I had visited the Lincoln City Outlet Center numerous times and love it, but I decided to stay a couple of nights by the beach.

I have been to Newport, Bandon, Florence, Yachats and several Oregon coast beaches, but last summer I finally visited Lincoln City, Oregon beach. Lincoln City is a neat Oregon cast town. The feel was like a small beach town. The beaches were some of the most beautiful I have seen. This summer I plan to go back to the Lincoln City Beach. I plan to go in July so I can get another beautiful sunny beach day. Even in the rain the beach is beautiful.

I noticed a lot more rocks on this beach and the sand was a bit more fine than the other beaches. I liked it. In some ways it reminded me of a small California beach. However it is much prettier because there is no smog and plenty of green trees surrounding the beach. I think I will bring a bucket next time and see what kind of neat rocks I can collect. The water was so beautiful and blue. Some people may think I photo shopped the images but no. That was just how picture perfect the Lincoln City Beach looks. It is a beautiful place and I will return to enjoy this beautiful Oregon coast beach.