Bastendorf Beach

Bastendorf Beach is a beautiful beach by the Coos Bay area in Oregon. This lovely Oregon coast beach has many fun memories for me. One time my friends and I were trying to get pictures a little too close to these big rocks. A huge wave came and pretty much knocked us over. We ran and it seemed to be chasing us. We finally got away and I checked to make sure my camera was okay. It was a funny memory and yes we did manage to get some good pictures.

Bastendorf Beach is close to Coos Bay Oregon which is a nice coastal town. The beach is a bit smaller than some other Oregon coast beaches I’ve been to but I like it. There is what looks like a wall of huge rocks around part of the water. Apparently this is considered part of the jetty which is probably why when the waves were so high we nearly got knocked down for good on that one occasion.  This beach is a nice place to relax, swim, have a picnic or take pictures. Bastendorf Beach is a beach to visit when on the Oregon coast.