Bandon Oregon Beach

I recently returned from a much too short trip to Bandon, Oregon. Bandon is a small town on the Oregon coast. This town has shopping including an area called Old Town Bandon that I really like visiting. I also love the Cranberry Sweet Shop where you can buy tasty treats and get free samples. There are also art galleries and art carvings in Bandon. The Bandon Bayfront has many interesting carvings.

What I really love about Bandon is the beach area. Not only because I love beaches all over the United States, but Bandon has some of the most beautiful beach access. The Bandon Beach isn’t only peaceful and beautiful but it has personality. There are huge, interesting rock sculptures on the beach. It’s almost like a rock sculpture museum. These rock formations are natural. There are several names for the rock formations which I am still learning. I know Table Rock and Face Rock. I was looking for the Cat and Kittens rock, but I missed it somehow. There’s always next time.

I have been visiting Bandon often for the past fifteen years. However for some reason I wasn’t able to get to Bandon last year. I got to Florence, Newport, Reedsport and Lincoln City, but not Bandon. I wanted to make sure I got to visit Bandon this year. The beaches are a place you must visit especially when touring the Oregon Coast. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the weather because February is still winter. Thought the coast is beautiful in the sunshine, the winter does get stormy and cold. Lucky for me I was blessed with a perfect day as far as winter on the coast. It was cold but the sun was shining. It was so beautiful. It had that natural coastal breeze blowing but it was really beautiful. The only part I didn’t like was trying to get to the beach from where we were staying. I have Vertigo so walking down a steep, old, wooden staircase to the beach was not fun. The view was worth it. Next time I will try to find a place closer to the beach so I can just walk down a short trail. As I mentioned, the view was beautiful.