Newport Oregon Marine Discovery Cruise

If you get a chance to visit Newport Oregon you should make some time to try the Marine Discovery Cruise. This is a tour of Newport Bay and also a whale watching experience. Sometimes there are no whales but you usually see at least one. I went on a Marine Discovery Cruise in July and saw two whales! Grey Whales are usually the whales seen. When I saw them it was apparently very rare to see two at that time of year because it was their feeding time. When Grey Whales feed they don’t swim together like they usually do. They swim individually because they are looking for food.

You will also see other life by the sea on this Marine Discovery cruise. You can see Jellyfish, porpoises, seals and different types of birds. When I took the cruise in July we saw a Pelican which apparently was very rare to see in Newport Oregon. The captain on our cruise had been in the coast guard and had been blessed to be stationed in Newport Oregon for eleven of his coast guard years. He was very familiar with the area so when he retired he bought a boat and joined the Marine Discovery Cruise line. There was a woman who was basically our navigator. She also had a degree in Marine Science so she was telling us about a lot of the animals and sea life.

At one point, the woman asked people if they wanted to come to the front of the boat to see some sea creatures she had found. She had starfish, crabs, sea snails and some other interesting things. There was also a time when people could help lower the crab rings and bring them out of the water. People, especially the kids really liked this. Another fun thing was that the Captain said people could go upstairs to  the Wheelhouse and talk with him. He even showed people how to steer the boat. Once again, the kids really loved this experience.

The Marine Discovery cruise is great for the family or people without kids who just love being on a boat in the ocean on a nice day. As of 2018 the ticket price is $40 per person. This tour lasts about two hours, but to me it is worth it. I got so many nice pictures of the Newport Bridge, various birds, the boat, the bay, whales and more.